Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mum's Khooking

It was Hari Malaysia (916) long weekend.
We have a new maid from the Philippines after Eva retired - Villaflor or Villa for short.

Mum and uncle Sunny came to town.
She decided:
-  Villa needs some training in the kitchen
- She (and all of us) have been craving for some of the Khoo family classics.

Why not make it a real good weekend with some serious Khooking =]

Day#1 - the Khoo's Sambal + Dry Shrimp, Tau Yew Bak, Steamed Cabbage + Daun Kaduk, fresh cucumber + herbs

Day#2 - Zai Choy (A's favourite), Tau Jiao (black bean souce) fish, Lotus Root soup.... and more the Khoo's Sambal + Dry Shrimp (close up below)

Day#3 - Salted Veg + Duck soup,  Steamed and Smoked Kembung Fish with LamChut.
LAM CHUT!!! The killer sauce for any steamed seafood!!!



Friday, September 14, 2012

tales of 2 rastafarians

But how different are they?

Bob Marley - not many people can say they don't know the name and the music.
The recently released documentary by Kevin MacDonald revealed sides of Marley that surprised most of us.
The man, his life, the revolution he brought was so much larger than the name, the dreadlocks and the music.

The other dude.... one of 2 of my favourite rappers.
The smoothest mf to churn out them rhymes.
His recent "reincarnation" from Snoope Dogg to Snoop Lion though.... is one of either stoned out stupidity or brilliant PR to promote his own documentary.
Gotta give it to him though... he keeps rolling =]
I've  just given him 2 posts with 2 dead favs - one with a Machiavellian gangster, one with revolutionary legend.

Sorry, Bob... didn't mean any disrespect to put your life story against Snoop's ploy =]

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Don't like hip-hop in general.... most are absolute crap.
I dig 2 rappers though.

One of them was shot dead 16 years ago. he was 2 years short of joining the 27 Club.
RIP, 2Pac.

here's a vid with them both together... still good after all these years.
This song was 2Pac at the devastating best... probably the one that got him killed too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Johnny Cash

Rockabilly god, working class hero, dark and romantic too.
RIP, Johnny Cash.

Maybe one day the wife and I will sing this song together =]

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Marco Ren-Ji Chan.
Younger sibling of Enzo Ken-Ji Chan
Offspring of Ivan aka Rabbit & Ramjeet, better known as The Rambbits.
Godson of AD.
Turned 3 recently.
Future hotroding, choppe- riding, rugby-playing gangster who will break hearts as much as bones and records =]