Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Baby Chua the First: Month Five (February 2015)

Hello sweet baby!

We begin the month of February by flying to Bali, (or more accurately we flew on the last day of Jan), a little trepidation as the last time Pa and I were in Bali together at the same resort, our house was broken into and car stolen...

But, it was the last time we could enjoy the perks of my work and also see Sharon, who was leaving her post as the resort manager there (I was afraid that things might change too much once she left, and also the resort only welcomes guests about 16yo - difficult with you coming soon) so we went ahead to Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali. 

On the way to the resort we stopped for lunch with the Rambits and Enzo and Marco before making our way north. 
Your cousin/god-brother Marco chasing a girl in the fields ;)
Uncle Ivan and cousin Enzo being tech geeks
We were determined to enjoy the serenity of Tembok, just chill in the pool and sea, switch off, and eat healthy, which we did. It was a much needed break and we both enjoyed the daily massages (prenatal for me) and did yoga as well.

One thing stood out to me during this time - I had my first pregnancy associated calf cramp and boy did it hurt! Still, some quick massaging and the muscle would unclench but leave an underlying soreness. 

Mini bump

At 5 months pregnant, I had a slight baby bump and was feeling normal besides the cramps, which would happen about once every 10 days and persist throughout my second trimester.
Prior to Chinese New Year, McDonalds' around the region start serving the Prosperity burger,
the only time we frequent McD's. This year, Malaysia sacrilegiously left out the curly fries, so I was thrilled to find that Indonesia had not altered their formula.
After the short break we were back in KL, Pa to work, and me to plan the contractor schedule for full replacement of our floors scheduled before and after Chinese New Year. 
This was what home was like throughout February and March 2015

February was also the month that I had a rare craving, for grassfed ribeye and Maine/Boston lobster thermidor Surf n Turf. After about a week of hunting, we caved and made our own. Turned out better than anything we would have found out anyway.
Grassfed ribeye and Boston lobster thermidor Surf n Turf craving

On Feb 14th, we drove down to JB. Your chik-chik Will, Ama and his friends were having their first 'open day' for FOLO farm so we went to see and support. Its really cool what they are doing, organic farming to feed the families of those involved, and to later expand to feed more on a membership basis and also open up the farm to members, allowing them to benefit from its serenity and the therapeutic properties of tending, gathering vegetables and just being in nature. No doubt you will spend much time running amok at these farms in a few years.
Pa practising with uncle Gerald's baby girl

FOLO farm open day
Chinese New Year we spent in Malacca with your Ama and chik-chik Will, and grand Uncle Lai and Aunty Siew Poh.  It was also our first Air B & B experience in a retro old house owned by an artist, quite cool.

On the 21st of Feb, we left for babymoon-more on that next.

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